The House Build

18months ago, the idea of us building our own home was just a strange maybe. Even now when I say it it sounds odd, and I always feel the need to add – well technically the builders built it! We just made all the decisions and now I’m a decision making pro! Believe me if you’re asked a million and one questions weekly …. ‘Which door handles? Which way do you want the door to open? Which light fittings? Do you want a dimmer switch? Do you want this staining? Do you want a silver trim or white? Where do you want this plug socket?’ You kind of get used to having to make snap decisions, and my advice would be to go with your gut.

The build started in May16, after going backwards and forwards with architects and planning – there was already permission for a single storey bungalow, but we knew we wanted more space and DEFINITELY an upstairs. So it’s a chalet bungalow with two dorma windows – one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom and closet. Plenty of space for us.
Our house is not off a plan with other new builds, so we had flexibility to do whatever we wanted on the inside as long as we adhered to the building regulations. Like not overlooking the other houses on the street and having a certain shade of brick colour, the list goes on.

It was SO exciting and very surreal seeing the progress, the plot of land is directly opposite where we used to live so I’d go everyday after work just to see some muddy holes in the ground followed by foundations, followed by small walls, then bigger walls, then a ROOF! I kind of couldn’t believe it was happening and reluctant in a way to talk to much about it incase something went wrong but everything went well, with not too many hurdles to tackle. Here I am below (opening the front door) as it progressed.

Downstairs there’s an entrance hall, a lounge to the right and a kitchen/dining room and utility on the left with a 3rd bedroom, cake decorating room and downstairs loo at the back of the house.
Upstairs we’ve got 2 double bedrooms, one with an en-suite and a closet and a family bathroom.

I won’t go into the décor side of things just yet as I want to blog one room at a time. And also we’ve only got about 3 rooms complete, the rest are still filled with shit that needs sorting or half painted – pass me the prosecco! I’m just glad and so so very thankful that we’re in after a whirlwind year of weddings/house building and anxiety! Here’s to a calm 2017. CLINK

To be continued…

Emma.hellocake xxx


4 thoughts on “The House Build

  1. I would love to know some more details if possible as a house build is something I would love to do! Is it more expensive to do than put a % on a mortgage? Xx


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