Hello Thailand

The best way to banish the winter blues is definitely a holiday! It doesn’t have to be a long-haul two weeker, even a short UK weekend away can do the trick.
I always like to go away in January, my birthday is the 23rd (worst birthday day of the whole year), so escaping somewhere I can relax and forget about the long, dull days at work is a must.Luckily for me I have an Uncle who lives in Thailand most of the year, so disappearing there for 10 days is heaven.

I’ve been three times now. This year I thought it was about time I took the husband, my sister and her girlfriend came along too. My Uncle lives in the middle of nowhere in the north of Thailand, when I say the middle of nowhere I mean it, you’re talking a long drive to the nearest town and miles and miles of rice fields. He lives with his wife (no he didn’t buy her), daughter and two step-daughters and mother and father-in-law. He built his house out there about 3 years ago.

Here we all are. Clockwise – Aote, Alice, Neil, Orr, Uncle Ian, Amy(my sisters girlfriend), Han (sister), Me and Om-sin.

The first time I visited(4years ago) was a huge culture shock, I went with my Mum, we landed in Bangkok and then had a gruelling 7 hour taxi journey to the village. My uncle didn’t have his new house then so we stayed in the local village with a family friend called Mare Peng and her dogs. I consider myself so lucky to have truly experienced the Thai way of life and not only the idyllic side of Thailand you see on Instagram, eating food you caught earlier in the day from a muddy pond or the pet chickens and using hole in the floor toilets where there’s never any toilet roll. It’s not for everyone but I really embrace living this fascinating culture.

For the second part of our trip, this year we went to Phuket – and I won’t be returning in a hurry. My husband described it as Thailand’s Magaluf. It was so so busy, touristy, noisy and lacked culture. The beach was nice, we enjoyed a day getting burnt playing bat and ball and it was nice wandering aimlessly along it. There were nice places to eat too, I just LOVE thai food and you can’t argue with £2 cocktails.


Last year I went to Krabi which is what you imagine when you think of thailand – so so stunning. I remember walking out the hotel and to the beach and my breath being taken away. It was just dreamy. Definitely worth a visit if anyones heading that direction.

I think next time it’ll be a trip to Koh Samui or Phi Phi or if anyone has any recomendations please let me know 😊

Lots of love

Emma.hellocake xxx

8 thoughts on “Hello Thailand

  1. Hi Emma

    I love Thailand! We went for the first time in November/December. We went to Phuket for 6 nights and loved it BUT we went to the very North only 30 mins from he airport to Mai khao beach and it was so beautiful absolute paradise. The hotel was beautiful and felt like we had our own slice of private island, it is a conservation area for the turtles. I had heard the main strip was a bit like Magaluf so we never ventured down there. We mainly chilled out there but did a day sailing boat trip to Phang Nga Bay and saw James Bond Island and also visited a fishing village on stilts it was amazing experience. Would definitely recommend. Phuket gets a bad name but this part was beautiful and can fly straight out without having to back to Bangkok on the way home.

    We did 3 nights in Bangkok and 3 nights in Chaing Mai to start are holiday off both were fab. Conscious that this is quite a long reply but if you haven’t spent time in either I would definitely recommend we had a fantastic time. Eating fabulous food with locals for under £5 for 2 including beer! Boat trips down the river in bangkok exploring the street markets in Chaing Mai.

    Love your Instagram we recently had a piece of furniture made by Incite and love it. Will be looking at them for a kitchen too now 😃


    1. Ah love it! It’s always good to hear about other peoples trips and experiences!
      I didnt get chance to really research what to do/where to go in phuket before we went. Wont make that mistake again! 😀 xxx


  2. We are staying in Cape Panwa on Phuket atm & it’s lovely. Very laid back & chilled. Highly recommend a trip to visit the hidden lagoons by canoe. We saw bats, walking fish & a monkey even jumped onto our canoe. Stunning scenery. James Bond island was good too, although too full of tourists.


  3. Love these pics! My sister in law is thai so I too appreciate how nice it is staying with the locals! When I stayed with her family I didn’t see another white person and no one spoke english but they were still the best hosts!
    If you didn’t like phuket (and who could blame you!) I would avoid ko samui – the most touristy and commericalised of all the islands – full of backpackers and brits abroad. Ko Tao is much nicer but you still get quite a few american ‘spring-breakers’! We stayed here though which was far enough away from there – at the top of a huge hill – http://www.kohtaocasas.com/
    You need to call a 4×4 taxi to get up it or you can hire a quad bike.
    Phi Phi is lovely – still full of backpackers but if you don’t stay too near the village it’s not too bad, you can do some amazing boat trips from there, it’s a beautiful area.
    I’d also highly recommend Chiang Mai too – it’s what Thailand was like 20 years ago – cheap with lots of places off the beaten track. It’s a real change to get up in to the hills and swim in waterfalls, go to an elephant sanctuary (not somewhere they’re giving out rides to tourists and abusing the elephants), visit local hill tribes. The food is amazing too!
    Hope that’s some inspiration for your next trip!


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