Olympus Pen + Instagram Tips

I woke up one morning and told my husband I had a dream about owning and Olympus Pen. Neil NEVER usually picks up on hints like this but miraculously on my 27th I was presented with an Olympus Pen EPL-7, lovingly wrapped in Star wars wrapping paper. We never usually spend much on each other for birthdays so I was completely shocked and overjoyed!
I went out straightaway and bought an SD card (please note – the camera doesn’t come with one, and won’t let you take any photos until you put one in).

I’d researched digital cameras before because I wanted to take better quality images for my blog and for my business. I’d been completely mind boggled with all the technical terms and slight differences between them all so never got any further than a quick browse on amazon before I gave up. I was always drawn to the Olympus pen obviously because of its beauty and that’s probably why it cropped up in my dream. It really is so stunning, I mean just look at it…….


The camera connects to my phone over its Wi-Fi and you can import the pictures without having to go on a computer – so handy! If anyone has any hints or tips on using the Olympus please let me know! I’m very much a learn as you go type of girl but so far I’m loving it.
At the moment I’m just using the lens it came with, sticking the camera mode on auto and hoping for the best. Even with this amateur approach I have really noticed the difference in quality between this and my iPhone. Left is iPhone and right is the Olympus.

Now I’m not a professional in any way shape or form, if I’m taking a photo I’ll probably take 1837464 of one thing and hope one of them is a winner. What does that quote go like again…. for every one great selfie there’s always 1536474 bad ones?! Something like that, it’s so true, not that I take many selfies.

My biggest tips for everyone wanting to improve their photo taking skills/Instagram feeds would be these:

Natural lighting – I love light and bright images. I find turning off lights and sticking to natural daylight is much better, it takes away that yellowy tinge and once you’ve taken it and adjusted the brightness on your phone you’re winning.

Content and Angles- Mixing it up on your feed I find much more interesting. A full view of your kitchen or getting down to the eye-level of your dog or taking photos of your plate of food from directly above is always better than a feed consisting of 62 similar photos of your beige sofa. Play around with your camera/phone and see what works best. I always make sure my photos are nice and straight too, having the grid on helps with this.

Quality- You can get really good quality photos from an iPhone camera, always remember to tap the screen where you want it to focus – so simple and effective! Again, good lighting is a must for photo quality but sometimes a crap photo will always be a crap photo no matter how much you try and edit it. (black&white filter might help though). This doesn’t mean you can’t still post it on Instagram, post whatever you like.

Editing- I either use the Instagram editing tools or an App called Photo Editor- … I crank up the brightness & sharpness and sometimes use the shadow/highlight and fade tools – depends on the photo really. I also like the whitening tool on the Photo Editor- app. I tend to avoid all filters like the plague. They just don’t work for me.  Below is a before and after.

Anyway, there’s your basic review of the camera and my little tips for Instagram. These are all my own opinions and tips, I’m just sharing what works for me personally.

Lots of love Emma.hellocake xx

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