Home Tour – The Bathrooms

 When designing our house we had a few criteria for the bathrooms.

1 – An En-suite because that’s what you have if you’re a grown-up.

2- A freestanding bath because that’s what dreams are made of right?

3- A downstairs loo because in the old house it was about a 3 mile walk to the upstairs bathroom.

The En-suite

The en-suite is situated in the roof above our garage, we thought we’d make use of this empty space so where we were going to have the en-suite, this is now the wardrobe.

Neil made most of the decisions about the en-suite because he was being so fussy about showers and by this point I was getting so sick of making decisions I didn’t care.

We got all of our bathroom suites from Victoria Plum. We had heard some mixed reviews about their products but can safely say we had no problems whatsoever. So in the en-suite we’ve got the shower tray and screen, the shower head, the sink unit and the toilet.

Tiles – Wall and floor from Topps Tiles. You really can’t go wrong with grey metro tiles with white grout.

Wall colours – White emulsion. We didn’t think any colour was necessary as the tiles just make the bathroom.

The Bathroom

It’s PINK – because why the hell not. This is my bathroom and I flipping LOVE it.

The wall colour is Calamine by F&B

The tiles are marble from Topps Tiles again (love heart eyes)

The bath sink and toilet again are from Victoria plum. I was stuck between two styles of bath, but I’m so glad I went for the modern slipper style. It really suits the rustic modern girly vibe I was going for in here.

My Dad is very nifty with wood and has made me this bloody fantastic sink unit.

Bath mat is from Primark, faux peonies were from Homesense ages ago, but they always have lovely faux flowers in and the basket with loo roll in was also from Homesense. The mirror is from the Range.

I’m on the hunt for some prints for the wall above the bath… I’m thinking palm trees/tropicalness. 🙂

The Downstairs Loo


Haha, we haven’t had the sink fitted yet because we need to get a different one with a pedestal and it’s one of those jobs we haven’t got round to yet.

Once the sink is fitted I’ll maybe start thinking about how to make the loo a nice place to go for a wee. Because at the minute I always go to the pink bathroom and sit there for 10 minutes admiring it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read. If you have any questions let me know!

Lots of love Emma.hellocake xx

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