Home Wish List

Sooooo… It’s half-way through February and already I’m looking forward to Payday. When you’re feeling flush there’s always nothing to buy and when you’re poor you always want everything. Always the same! So I thought I’d put together a little wish list for the house, to pass the time until the end of the month….

Wall Decor

I really need to fill the big empty space on my pink bathroom wall. I’m undecided whether to get some tropical/botanical prints or simply print off some of my own amateur photographic shots of places I’ve been and frame them. I’m leaning more towards the second option, while I lay in the bath I can drift off to these places I’ve been and reminisce….

I also need some prints for my cake room – I’m thinking motivational quotes but not the typical ones(‘what if I fall? But my darling what if you fly’ MASSIVE YAWN!), I’m looking for something different with humour…. Suggestions welcome  😀

Just while I’m on the subject of my cake studio – lol that I’ve started calling it my studio! I recently picked up one of those Sainsbury’s metal notice boards, I’m going to put it on the wall in the studio. It’s so beautiful I’m planning on printing some of my cake photos off and pinning them to it.



In my cake studio I’m currently I’m perching on a little Ikea step thing – quite a lot of the time I’m stood whilst decorating but when I want to take a moment and sit down it’s really not the most comfortable for my behind. I am thinking a swizzle stool, you know the ones where the seat spins … something along these lines…. P.S check out maison du monde for homewares! I may or may not have just placed a little big order with them…..!!



Now I don’t want to jinx things BUT I haven’t killed a house plant in forever!! I think I am actually getting the hang of nurturing them now, god my Mum must be so proud of me. Top tip from me, DO NOT OVER WATER! I think that was where I was going wrong. So now I need more. I want a couple for the bedroom, and one for each bathroom and one for the hallway and yeah practically for every other room in the house. Why the hell not hey, blooming love a bit of nature!! Next stop, living in a jungle!

source: Pinterest


I think this may shoot to top of the list. I feel a lovely, buttoned, soft footstool will make a big difference to the cosiness of the lounge, especially with a few books and a coffee on top. It will replace the makeshift coffee table(two crates pushed together) which does the job but doesn’t ooze warmth and homeliness. I’ve actually got a couple of swatches of fabrics to choose from but cannot for the life of me decide! Shocker! I don’t want one that’ll blend in with the carpet, or one that’s too dark. Here’s the one I’m looking at getting from ebay….


I think that’ll do for now…. or until I go to Homesense and find something I never knew I needed. I’ll keep you posted on Insta of course.


Lots of love Emma.hellocake xx

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