Hello Life – what I’ve been up to!

I cannot believe it’s nearly April. This year is just FLYING!


I wish I could find the time to blog more, I’ve got numerous half-blogs saved in my drafts, thinking I’ll add all the photos/links later and I’ve just not got around to doing it. This actual blog I’ve been meaning to get finished for 5 days. There’s always something more important to be doing…. such as work, walking the dog, creating a nice asos shopping basket, sleeping, eating, faffing about with cakes etc etc.

So since I’ve not blogged for weeks I thought I’d do a quick update to tell everyone what I’ve been up to/where I’ve been over the last couple of weeks.

It’s been wedding central – two of my close friends have tied the knot. Daisy and Steve got married at The Westmill in Derby – incredible venue. Sam & Jon got married at Packington Moor in Lichfield– so beautiful. I flipping LOVE a wedding and they did not disappoint.

In between these two weddings I nipped to the Alps for a skiing holiday. We were in the Alpe d-huez resort, which I really recommend. The skiing was great (when it wasn’t a blizzard), there’s loads of bars and restaurants and things to do if the skiing conditions aren’t great and I’d definitely go again. We went with a big group of the family for a 60th birthday so it was a lot of fun. Plenty of food, drinks and laughs.

I’m still working my day job 4 days a week and my official cake day is Friday, but I’m pretty busy most evenings too. the plan is to drop another day at work soon so I’ll have more cake time so hopefully you’ll start seeing some cake blogs! The intention with this blog to begin with was to do cake tutorials as well as all the home/dog/life related stuff, but I just have not managed to do a single one so far! The problem is I am so focused on getting my cakes done and ready on time for my customers I just cannot waste time documenting every moment for social media.So hopefully, more cake time will allow me to do what I first intended! I probably ought to schedule this sort of thing into my diary but that just sounds way too organised for my liking.


Amongst all of the above I’ve been getting a few new bits for the house, which will hopefully be my next blog post. Everyone loves a home haul! I’ve just got to get Neil to do some D.I.Y first – how can I bribe the man?….

I hope you’ve all had a flipping brilliant weekend.

Lots of love Emma.hellocake & Ralph x


One thought on “Hello Life – what I’ve been up to!

  1. I love your cakes! I’m a recent follower!
    I would love to try making wonderful cakes -do you have any advice as to where to start?

    Also I love the bluey/green kitchen & the greeny front door -would you mind telling me the source?

    Thanks Emma -happy Spring


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