What to buy your dog for Christmas!

Ok so this post might make some of you be like WTF YOU OK HUN?? However if you’re like me and have a dog-child you LOVE to spoil, continue reading…..

Oh and BTW Ralph totally knows what Christmas is. Last year on Christmas Day morning he opened all of Neils'(hubby) presents when I wasn’t looking. I had to re-wrap the lot, with a hangover. It wasn’t great.

Anyway…. For this blog post I’ve collaborated with 3 brands I love, to give you some ideas of what to get for your beloved pooches. Just so you’re aware I have not in any way shape or form been paid to say any of this. I just really love the brands and want you all to know about them! PLUS they’re each giving away a prize to one lucky winner over on my instagram post! So go and enter NOW!

First up we have….. Pets Perfect!

They have anything you could ever need for your dogs/pets all in one website! Everyone is always asking about Ralphs multi-coloured collar. He loves a statement piece that boy. Ha. Pets Perfect are giving away a collar and lead set(subject to stock availability) so make sure you go and enter the competition on my instagram!


Next up we have Little Paper Tulip

Ok so technically not a present FOR your pet BUT who wouldn’t love an illustration of your very own dog?! Jenny is amazingly talented and this is such a lovely personal gift for someone with a pet! Check out the Little Paper Tulip’s Instagram here.

And lastly we have Top Collar Box

Because dogs LOVE treats! They’re home-made and super healthy. Top collar offer a subscription service too so you won’t be running out! They’re giving away a free box to the lucky winner of the competition.

How cute are those sausages!! And look – personalised packaging!

Right, GO AND ENTER THE COMPETITION and make sure you’re following the brands above to be eligible!


Lots of love Emma.hellocake!


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