Pyrex Baking Bundle Review

So, as I’m sure most of you are aware by now, I have collaborated with Pyrex for a whole month! I have already shared a recipe post using some of the products from the baking bundle and now i’m going to do a little review of each of the products that you could WIN if you enter the competition.


Expert Bowl (RRP £16.99) – available from also available from selected stockists including John Lewis

Wow! What an amazing invention, not only is this bowl HUGE but it also tips which is very handy if you’re mixing large quantities so you don’t have to lift the whole bowl (less arm ache!) WINNING!

The Expert Bowl also has a handy pouring spout and a large rim so it’s really easy to grip. Probably my new favourite mixing bowl ever!

1l glass Jug with a Lid (RRP £11.99) – available from, also available from selected stockists, including Lakeland and Waitrose

I’ve used this jug so many times already! I am ALWAYS making too much of something, whether it be buttercream, whipped cream, lemon drizzle, egg glaze and this jug with lid has come in so so handy! Just pop the lid on and pop it in the fridge. Life saver!

The mini 0.25ml Pyrex measuring jug is also perfect, especially for when you only need a small amount of chocolate ganache, gravy, milk or cream…. the list goes on! It’s a very handy little thing.

Magic metal bakeware (RRP from £7.99) – available from also available from selected stockists including Asda from September

The Magic metal bakeware is such fantastic quality. These non-stick products are absolute cupboard staples, whether you’re a keen baker or not, you need these in your kitchen. I love that these items all have large grippy handles because this is always something I strugle with when wearing oven gloves. Maybe I’ll never drop a cake fresh out of the oven ever again!

Prep & Store (RRP from £5.99) – available from also available from selected stockists including John Lewis

Being a storage hoarder, I was chuffed to get hold of these! Being glass they don’t stain or retain any flavours or smells like plastic can. I’m also able to pop them straight in the dishwasher to keep them super shiny. I’d never usually think to splash out on food storage containers but I feel like these are going to last FOREVER.

Thanks for reading!
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Lots of love Emma.hellocake xxx



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