The Bakers Christmas List!

Hello everyone!

It’s now the something of November so it’s completely okay to mention the C word, I promise. So thought I’d do a Christmas List style blog for bakers. This could give you ideas on what to add to your own Christmas list or what to buy someone who loves to bake!

Stand Mixers

I thought I’d start with the biggies. Below are three different stand mixers. I have a Kenwood mixer, and I wouldn’t be without it! It’s honestly the thing I use the most in the kitchen and I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without it, it does the hard work for you!

The Kenwood mixer below is probably the closest match to the one I use (mine has been discontinued). And it’s very reasonably priced.

The second is what I intend to upgrade to next, the KitchenAid – what kitchen dreams are made of! And a lot more pricey! Definitely something to ask Santa for!

The third is a cheaper alternative to both of these, just incase you like the idea of a fancy stand mixer but don’t have the budget.  It has good reviews on Amazon too 🙂


Baking Books

I am Mary Berry’s number one fan, and I have LOADS of her books. And if you have got the baking bible – you should get it.

The Hummingbird book I use for amazing cupcake ideas!

Lastly, Peggy Porschen – queen of beautifully decorated cakes!



What every baker needs(yet might not own) for creating masterpieces!

8″ baking tins and are the size I use most and have about 16 of! I cannot stress how essential these are! I’ve linked below a good one with a loose bottom.

The turntable is also a very very handy piece of equipment for icing and decorating. You won’t look back once you’ve got one.

The pedestal cake is definitely something you need if you want to post pretty cake pictures on Instagram/facebook. I stumbled across the ones I use in TKmaxx (always keep your eyes peeled). So below is a the nearest not-too-expensive match I can find.

Stocking fillers

You can never have too many cutters of various shapes and sizes! Mostly they’re inexpensive and perfect for a small stocking-filler type present. you can pick them up a places like Home Bargains and Poundlandreally cheap. Below are the ones I use the most…

I hope this has given you all some good gift ideas for bakers!

Comment below if there’s anything you’d add to the list!

Lots of love Emma.hellocake xxx

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